The way we work



It all starts with an idea. In this phase we’d like to get to know you and your company’s needs, the way you work, the company culture and motivation, the logical daily routines, etc. Our goal is to create an inspiring, pleasant and healthy working environment that will increase the efficiency with better results as an outcome.

Space planning

Based on the initial ideas that we formed, we will start analyzing the available space and the requirements that have to be met. The result is a global layout which of course, we will discuss with you before we take the next step.

Floorplan and 3D visuals.

With years of experience we will translate the European way of designing an office into your working space. With space planning and your wishes and needs in our hands, your ideas will come to life in a floorplan, a sketch or even a 3D visual. In this phase choices will be made for the products, the materials, the colors, a lighting plan and even the accessories you need.

Meeting your budget

A solid planning is crucial. After all, time is money. Depending on the way we decide to work together, either only supplying furniture or supervising the project, all costs will be very clear to you, previously to the project. Prices include shipping and delivering the goods.

In case of project management, we will agree on an hourly rate. This will save you and your employees a lot of time and confusion, it will make sure progress is guaranteed and it will even take away a lot of frustration. Just say “call Martin” and you can move on with your own work. Of course, we will have regular meetings discussing the project and its progress..


Your personal project manager

In Europe, mostly light materials are used when renovating offices, in American offices some like it to be more traditional. To prepare you for the coming 15-20 years, we will advise you what the best choices are for your offices and your company. In this advice we will keep an eye on the Americans’ preferences for darker wood. If you are ready to catch up on the world and go for the full modern look, of course, we will still advise you what works best for you and your personnel.


As your personal and experienced project manager we will take care of the entire project. We manage all subcontractors. We can offer you a turnkey solution, so you can keep your focus on managing your company while we focus on getting the job done.


Execution of the project

As said before, we can either be your office furniture supplier or even the supervisor of your project.

Renovations or relocations to create a new office design and a new inspiring atmosphere, we can manage it all! Office furniture, audio and media equipment, wall decoration, flooring and ceiling, window covering, lighting and accessories, and even art, we can manage it all!

Evaluation & ongoing support

No matter how well we have planned everything up front, in this fast-changing world, extra items might be needed. A realistic evaluation of the project will bring this to light. Any after sales assistance needed will be provided to you personally.

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