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Health Care institutions specific needs


Maring has provided healthcare institutions with our expertise and products since 1999. Throughout the years we have gathered knowledge of requirements and preferences in the healthcare sector. 

Waiting areas, MD’s offices, flooring that meets the criteria, window treatment, common living rooms, larger dining tables, anti-bacterial foils, and wallpapers are all items within our expertise. Our products are sustainably produced. We know about fire retardancy, toxins, and other hazards. Too often care homes or institutions are built with doors that are not accommodating to wheelchairs or the size of the beds. We comply with all certifications and regulations. Moreover, our manufacturers can produce custom-made furniture, serving all of your wishes; again without breaking the bank. 

We make recommendations to our healthcare clients based on our market expertise. For example, did you know about the disinfecting foil invented during the Covid-19 pandemic? We will do anything to assist you in making the right choices to transform your waiting area into an attractive and interesting space that puts your clients at easeDepending on your needs and the number of visitors you will receive, you can choose from our high-quality couches, chairs, benches, poofs, stools, and booths, suitable for a healthcare institution.

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