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Who we are.

My name is Martin Maring. Born and raised in The Netherlands I have been working in and with office furniture since I was 22 years old. The establishment of our company was made back in 1999 when my wife and I started our company Maring Interieuradvies & Projectcoördinatie. My wife Esther is great with colors, keeps me sharp and encourages me to have a critical eye for details. At Maring European Design Office Solutions LLC, We are used to working in a pratical and efficient way. That’s how we look at it in Europe and especially in The Netherlands. We define it as the no-nonsense approach.

The European way of furnishing your office.

Creating a good and healthy office environment is more than just delivering quality furniture. Throughout the years we have seen many developments in this market. In Europe, and in the Netherlands in particular, both profit and non-profit organizations are very keen on keeping the costs low, especially personnel costs due to illness. Nowadays, we believe that an office should give enough energy, so it will help you to decrease costs and raise efficiency and productivity. It’s about creating an inspiring workspace where you and your employees love to come back to work and where your customers feel at home.

The best moment to get in touch.


Changing an office environment is a process. A process with ideas, new insights and inspiration to come to a great result. We are specialized in this process, making sure that the new office environment breathes refreshment and is full of energy.
The moment you feel like your office needs some renewal, or when your business is expanding quickly, or when you start thinking about moving; these are the best moments to contact us.
We will work with you on ideas until they meet your wishes and a completely new office plan is established.
We are happy to make an appointment with you of course without any charges. Thank you for your interest in our company!

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Martin & Esther Maring