Companies are driven by people. Research shows that people are more successful and productive in safe, pleasant, “stress-free” environments. In an era where modern technology fosters isolation, communication in the workplace should be promoted as much as possible.

Let’s get to know you and your company better. Understanding your company set-up is essential to create an effective floor plan that suits your needs. A well-designed and visually appealing floor plan can significantly contribute to your company’s success. Leveraging our years of experience and knowledge, we will translate your visions and ideas into a 3D-design proposal for your office space.


Coordinating the transformation of your current office to an environment that suits your philosophy, employees, and the current market can be stressful. Maring EDOS is here to support and make this a smooth sailing, pain-free process that gets executed correctly.

We will be the driving force of this reorganization, will keep your staff and employees motivated, and will make sure the right decisions are made during this period of change. As your experienced turn-key project manager, we are dedicated to bringing your vision to life, while leading your project from start to finish. That way you can continue to focus on your job without any disruptions.


With 50+ years of collective expertise in the furniture industry, we have established a strong network of suppliers, subcontractors, and manufacturers. As accomplished project managers we continue to meet and exceed client expectations. In addition to that, we are only one call away.

We oversee all aspects needed to realize your project, from procurement and logistics to delivery and professional installation. Our commitment to precision and efficiency enables a swift turnaround. That’s why our clients love working with us, and keep coming back for more. We focus on getting the job done, so you and your employees get to enjoy the finished product.

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