Companies are driven by people. It’s proven that people can and will be more successful and productive in a safe, pleasant, “stress-free” environment. With all modern devices lurking to isolate ourselves, communication on the office floor should be promoted as much as possible.

Therefore, we would like to get to know you and your company better. Your ideas and dreams will be transformed into a full design proposal for your office space based on our European experience while keeping an eye on American needs.


How are you going to coordinate updating or renovating your office environment or even moving to another establishment?

Who will take control during this reorganization, will & can keep your staff and employees motivated and will make sure you’re making the right decisions during this period of changes? We can be your experienced turnkey project manager, dedicated to realizing your project, while you can stay focused on your own job.


Being active in the European furniture market for more than 20 years, we have built a wide range of contacts and a broad network of suppliers, subcontractors and manufacturers.
We can be your supplier of beautiful sleek office furniture, but we can also be your independent turnkey project manager, taking care of all aspects of execution of the project. From procurement and logistic planning to professional delivery and installation. And when all is ready? Don’t worry, we’ll be around for any necessary service and support.

Looking for a different, inspiring and cost-effective office space?

Call us now and experience our proven European office solutions.